All the Words in the World may just be one of the coolest linguist-geek websites on the planet.  Their motto is “All the words in the world.  Pronounced.”

Yes, you read that right.  While they still fall quite short of that goal (so far), they’re doing a pretty damn good job.  There are tons of languages listed on the site that I’ve never even heard of.  According to the website’s internal statistics, there are 544,917 words and 457,743 pronunciations in 236 languages (at this moment).

Even though every word in every language isn’t listed (yet), this is still a very cool idea, and a potentially very useful tool for any budding linguist involved in the study of a foreign language.  Even if you’re not a linguist, but are merely interested in hearing how a foreign word is pronounced by native speakers, give this site a look-see.

This being St. Patty’s Day, why not use the website to learn how to impress your friends with a hearty Sláinte?

Warning: Don’t make any plans.