Week 01

So, I survived the first week of graduate school.  That is to say, I survived a single 1-hour class.

Strangely (?), ASU decided to start classes up on a Thursday.  Considering I have only one class on Thursdays (LIN 520) and nothing schedule for Fridays, I had a rather light week.  Next week will likely be decisively heavier, as I’m in class Mon-Thurs.

The only thought I have so far is that I’m rather enjoying being back in an academic environment, this time with a bunch of other passionate language nerds instead of a bunch of tech nerds.  Although I do have a different background and experiences than many of my classmates, the same holds true for them.  We each know languages and other things that the others don’t know.  I can see learning a lot from everyone.

I truly do get to be the dumbest guy in the room.  Cool.