FTL (Feeling The Love)

Apparently, someone out there likes Silent Schwa. Silent Schwa wants you to know that Silent Schwa appreciates this.

Here’s an interesting language blog from one college student with enough time on his/her hands (what, anOTHer one? Just wait till they get a job!).

Actually, his/her blog SHOULD be their job because there’s some great stuff there – e.g. the “Facebook / Twitter – interdits” entry. Ca vaut le détour, franchement.

Silent Schwa thanks you for the love en Français.  BTW, I’m a he in case you were still wondering.  Also, I do have a job, albeit of the part-time student (read: slave labor) nature.


I’m Published!

My hometown paper, the Daily Times Herald in Carroll, Iowa, did me the honor of asking me to write an Op-Ed piece on why I think we should learn other languages. It’s a bit long, but they decided to run the full version with very few, minor cuts.

I hope you enjoy it! As always, I welcome any feedback you might have.

Why You Should Know More than One Language


A “New” Language

Field linguists have discovered a heretofore unknown language in the foothills of the Himalayas near Arunachal Pradesh called “Koro.” According to researchers, Koro “construe(s) reality in very different ways… [It] uniquely code(s) knowledge of the natural world in ways that cannot be translated into a major language.”